Good-bye Black & Blewish! Come see my HOT NEW BLOG!

I appreciate YOU!

Thanks SO much for following and supporting Black & Blewish!

Life, the pandemic and all the things shut down my blogging for a minute, but I’m BACK…

And I’m inviting you to check out my NEW BLOG, Mixed Auntie Confidential!

WHY is this Mixed stuff such a big deal? Data from the 2020 Census shows that the number of non-Hispanic Americans who identify as Multiracial jumped by 127%!!!

We’re topical. We’re trendy. And we’re FINALLY telling OUR truths. 

I’m taking the conversations to the next level with my brand-new BLOG, Mixed Auntie Confidential! 

Whether you’re Mixed/Multiracial/Biracial, or love someone who is, we’re serving unfiltered, unapologetic riffs, rants, and raves to ease your journey and free your mind! 

We dive straight into taboo topics with a nuanced perspective and explore the questions of the day through a fresh lens.  

Come join the fun at 

With Love & Appreciation,

TaRessa Stovall

Author, Blogger, Identity Equity Advocate 

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